All lobbying activity is the result of…

A series of processes that take place as an issue moves from idea to implementation.  Although the specific strategy for each issue may be slightly different, Jeff DeLeone & Associates adheres to the following principles for strategy implementation:

Understanding the Environment

Whether the issue is administrative, legislative or regulatory, due diligence will be conducted to identify the relevant officials and to determine the appropriate strategy.  Issues such as timing, the “political landscape”, potential allies and opponents, and the degree of difficulty will all be evaluated.

Engagement and Lobbying

Throughout the implementation of the strategic plan, the appropriate use of the relevant and available resources will be utilized to accomplish the goals.

Coalition Building

Opportunities may arise to develop or join coalitions within the industry or other relevant trade associations and interest groups.

Public Relations & Media Strategy

Public relations and media strategy may be required and consideration will be given as needed.

Political Strategy & PAC Management

Careful consideration will be given to the “global” political environment and how the implementation of our strategy will be affected by political conditions. Our extensive knowledge and experience of the environment will enhance the efforts of the client’s Political Action Committee.